St Mary’s Pick For The Best Bible Translation

There are some many bibles and there are dozens of study bibles and bible translations to chose from.

best bible translation

And sometimes it can be hard to pick. But my friends over at have a lot of useful information that you can consume and thereby make an informed decision for yourself.

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Visiting St Paul the Apostle

One of the most prolific apostles was Paul.

A good study of acts reveals the ministry and route that Paul took throughout Asia, Greece and finally Rome where he met his untimely death.

I believe, even more so than Peter, that we gentiles have the Gospel because of Paul’s ministry. Sure the church was built on the ministry of Peter (which I believe was more of misunderstood interpretation more than anything) but it was Paul and his entourage that did the legwork.

Here is a great video of the life the Apostle Paul:


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