Which app to use to find your sweetheart

These days even those people who used to believe that it’s meaningless to create their personal profiles in social media services have already started to interact via Facebook or Twitter. What’s more, those human beings who have a long-term experience of communicating with other people via the internet have began to use their profile even more frequently. Nevertheless, if you are a newcomer meaning that you have never dated online, it’s quite difficult for you to select the best application for such purposes. So, today we are ready to offer you a couple of applications you can trust.


If you haven’t heard about Tinder, then maybe you have never heard about the online dating itself. Even though this application isn’t the oldest mobile services developed for people looking for their true love, it’s already known by all people who have tried to meet their significant other via the internet.

The main reason why this service has gained its weight is the fact that it has a good-looking interface. Moreover, there’re lots of features you can use to find a person for dating in your neighborhood. What’s more this application provides users a great range of filters they can exploit in order to get access to the feed with the most suitable matches in their area. With Tinder, you will have to spend less than ten minutes on searching for your perfect match regardless of your location, gender, ethnicity or other characteristics which are quite essential for its main alternatives.


A previous platform has already become one of the main bestsellers in the market. Nevertheless, in case if you want to try something new and unusual, we recommend you to download Mico. This application has a minimalist design. That’s why we have no doubt that it will definitely satisfy all of your needs. Since it doesn’t have any meaningless features, this application is easy-to-use.

There’re several options you are allowed to use for your interactions. With Mico, it’s possible to start a video call with your potential partner. However, in case you don’t want to demonstrate your case to another user, you are permitted to communicate via voice messages. One more method, you should use to make your communication more enjoyable is to create your personal chat room. You can send a link to some of your friends or people who share your interests. It’s possible to invite up to 8 people.

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