What to Put on for the First Offline Date After Online Communication on a Cam Chat?

Recently, random video chats have become a useful and popular tool for online dating. Users prefer saving time and making new acquaintances without leaving their apartments. It saves time and people can find a soul mate quicker and easier than in real life.

If you have already met a pleasant interlocutor with whom you spend time with pleasure, and he invites you for an offline date, at that very moment every girl starts planning her outfit. The question of “what to put on?” is especially relevant for girls; moreover, if she is invited for a date. Here we suggest considering 4 main tips that will help to choose the more suitable clothes and make up the ideal outfit.

  • Do not contradict your nature and individuality!

It is important to feel comfortable in the chosen garment and be yourself. It means that you should not follow the advice of your friends if they have different styles. For example, if you like wearing all sorts of pants and you think that this clothing item fits you better than skirts and dresses, there is no need to follow your friend’s advice and wear a dress or a skirt. In addition, there are women who look more seductive and stunning in pants rather than skirts. And vice versa.

  • Choose tried and reliable clothes

The first date is always exciting. It is recommended choosing tried and comfortable attire in order to not feel excited about your outfit. You never know how a newly bought clothing item will demonstrate you or how comfortable a new pair of shoes will be. Thus, give preference to a tried garment and shoes. Weary legs with calluses, a painful gait, a grimace of suffering on the face may spoil the whole evening and date.

Here is one remark: do not confuse “comfortable and tried” with sports leggings, Olympic jackets, or worn out to holes sneakers. Although being comfortable, your outfits should be elegant and stylish.

  • Do not overdo it!

This advice concerns all aspects of your image: either clothes or makeup, hairstyle, perfume, etc. No need to go to extremes.

  • Where, when, with whom

The rule of 3W will rescue you in every situation. And the first date is not an exception. Just analyze these three questions and you’ll easily choose the right combination of a hairstyle, clothes, and makeup for an offline date.

You must admit that there is a difference between a walk in the park, a late dinner in a restaurant, a country picnic, and non-binding coffee in a cozy city cafe after dinner. Meeting time plays an important role: during the day you should give preference to smart casual or casual chic, and after 8 p.m. more sensual makeup and a higher degree of elegance are not forbidden.

Keep in mind these points and you’ll impress your online interlocutor from a random video chat!

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