Stereotype: she wants his money, and he wants her body. Is it so?

In addition to such a primitive explanation, capable only of illustrating a picture in the yellow press, there are many purely psychological needs that are satisfied in such an alliance. An older man is usually in some kind of crisis. And it does not matter what financial height he has reached by this point: both businessman and plumber think equally about “what was, what will be and what will calm the heart. 

Of course, all situations are individual. Someone has just matured to create a family and realized the joy of fatherhood, and some children have already grown up, destroying the last ties with his wife. No longer need to discuss the success of his son and worry about his daughter, there are no common goals for which to save, and intimacy has moved into the category of marital duty. In any case, the rhythm of a man’s life changes when he reaches a certain age. One “tired”, the other, on the contrary, “woke up”, but both began to revise their values. 

Both need a new stimulus and a new purpose, which is often played by a young woman. And it is not at all about her sharpened figure and lack of cellulite (this is also a stereotype). The matter is that with her a man has no background consisting of his mistakes, “my mother told me”, and “I have known you for a hundred years”. The man starts from scratch, often really changing for the better, and she looks at the chosen one with admiration, stimulating his male ego.

Older men are not only attracted to the girl by money and status. And “finding the figure of the father” is also not a necessary condition. I myself, by the way, am one of those women who have always been attracted to older men. The first husband was 7 years older, the second one was 20 older, and the third was 13 years older.

With an older man, a woman is primarily interested. And it does not matter if he traveled halfway around the world, read a hundred books or knows how to masterfully fix a tap and hammer nails. Either way, he has experience. And he stimulates the main erogenous zone of the chosen one – her brain.

This man is ready to talk and listen. He is charged with the enthusiasm with which a woman talks about her affairs. She is more important to him than having meetings with friends. He is ready to solve her problems, because most of the time it is not a problem at all. He learned to be an attentive and sensitive lover, due to physiological changes capable of something that he could not boast in his youth.

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