Royal App review: play with elite

Royals App is more than just people, dating, flirting or chatting. This is the first game in the world, where the best 2% of users create a closed elite community. Match, chat, flirt and date with amazing men or women around the world!

How does ROYALS APP work? 

This application is one of the most useful services for people who just want to have fun. What’s more, users don’t need to have any experience in dating through other services for smartphones. It offers lots of features for all members, even if they decide to enter it for free.

Rate other players

Open collections with profiles of other people, rate and give them popularity points. Dating and a set of points that give you the opportunity to meet players at your level has never been more fun! This is a free game of people from show business, celebrities and models.

Earn points

Your profile is also rated by other players. The more points you have, the higher your get popularity points marked with a star sign when someone chooses you from the collection, when you meet new people or when you open a new collection (remember what a special collection you will get more points for!).

Expand your circle of communication

Connect your social networks to the application and increase the number of your subscribers.the top players of Royals are always subscribed to new subscribers. Join the online elite and become a star!

Fight for a high place in the ranking

From the seventh level of the game you will be in the ranking, where you will compete with other best players. Thanks to the application you have a chance to find success! Hot photo is not everything, in the game the most important thing – points. The more points you have, the higher your rating is. Check if you are really the best!

Send messages

You can make friends with the selected players and chat with them, flirt or send them photos. You will also find funny tips on how to start a conversation ! Want to have fun? Send a unique gift or make an appointment. Who knows, maybe it’s your next love?

Join the elite

As soon as you reach the highest level of the Royals, you will join a closed community of 2% of the best players. Do you want to become a VIP? Join a circle of top players and secure your position in the rankings. Royals App provides new acquaintances, crazy parties, entertainment! Or maybe an interesting chat, flirting, and real love? Check what the game will bring you!

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