How to Present Oneself in Video Chat

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Video chats can give you either interesting and good friends with whom you will continue to maintain the communication for several years, or it will be impartial acquaintances, which you would prefer to quickly forget. In that way, it is necessary to remember about several issues.

Tip 1.

To be able to talk about the chances and opportunities for the development of the relationship between two people, one must understand whether there is something that can further unite these two complete strangers. On the first date, specify the points of contact, common interests, and traits of character.

Tip 2.

Respect the opinion and decision of other people. By choosing a video chat it is important to not impose with calls and the desire to continue the discussion. The will to get to know each other better should be shown by both people. It is extremely important to understand that the chat should be a safe and comfortable for both and in that way, make sure that you do not violate personal borders.

Tip 3.

Remember that jokes are inappropriate! At least until the moment when you will know and understand the worldview and principles of the opponent. Diplomacy is an essential issue both in private and online communication. It is necessary to be aware of political and religious sights as it will allow not to transform the platform into a place of enemy discussions.

Tip 4.

If the first communication made it possible to understand that this person has those qualities with which you would never bear in real life, you should not point them out to this person. The fact is that a video chat is a place for simple unobtrusive communication and it is the main idea of the whole system. Acquaintance with new people should not flow into moralizing and battles about how to behave.

Tip 5.

It is also necessary to understand that the person you talk to is here to find someone to communicate. If you would just talk about yourself, your life, or your problems without giving any possibility to another person to tell something, you would likely lose the chance to find a friend. Of course, your main goal can be to find someone, who will just listen to you but if you reckon on the long-term communication, let the person tell something about oneself.

Tip 6.

Be positive! This is a simple advice but many people forget about it. The first impression is extremely important and a positive and happy person always wins a favor of the partner in conversation. Be ready to the fact that not every person is looking for a friend in the chat but at the same time, stay positive and open-minded to different people as all of them have their unique stories and lives.

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