How to find out that your partner is manipulating you?

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Recognize the manipulator before being trapped by it, perhaps even without special skills. We tell you how to do it.

Avoids arguing with you

A man is not offended, and does not start a scandal, and always, in any dispute will find irrefutable arguments.  At the very least, he honestly admits that the dispute is lost, no more arguments, you win, he gives up. An artful manipulator will not give up his bastion so easily!  When a man who has set out to defeat you runs out of arguments, he withdraws from the dispute, showing that he disagrees, but it is useless to discuss with you on this subject. And we, naively believing that we are doing everything right – trying to resolve the conflict, discuss, find out, and in the end? That’s right, in the end you will remain a “hysterical” and a loser.

Complaining about his health

There is a category of male manipulators who have tried all possible ways to put pressure on their victim, bet on the most painful – on health.  Look, isn’t it too often that your lover grabs his hand, leg, squirm with stomach pain or pretend to be dead the first time he tries to figure out a relationship?  Is it possible to resist a man on his deathbed, who makes a request, and let it be that you quit wearing short skirts or stop communicating with your best friend.

By the way, as soon as you fulfill your cherished request, your good man will come to his senses immediately, the intestinal colic will pass in a flash, the ambulance will turn around and go back to the hospital, and the skilled manipulator will continue to rejoice in life – he has achieved his goal!  However, do not confuse seizures of cunning with real diseases, if your husband has not come to his senses after your solemn vow to quit smoking or nothing at all, and the fever is high – it is quite possible, he is really sick. Visit a doctor.

He’s reproaching you

Guilt is all we have.  Especially if the victim of the manipulator is overly sensitive, you could say with a hat.  Most likely, if you do not fulfill another whim of your beloved, he will clearly demonstrate why you were wrong, how, when, at what moment of your cloudless relationship you were wrong and how much you are guilty, although, of course, he, like every noble prince would not dare to reproach you, except hint.  Be careful, sometimes the feeling of guilt, which we with all its female scrupulousness nurture in the soul, provokes us to all sorts of crazy acts, to please the “offended” by us man.

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