Facts users lie about on random video chats

Researches proved that every citizen of developed countries uses the Internet at least one time per day. The necessity to visit the Web is determined by a wide range of available resources. Users can find lots of useful information that concerns their job responsibilities, learn something new, read the news, play games, or watch movies. One of the most popular platforms for spending pastime is random chats for dating.

Thousands of users daily visit online chats. This is a popular online platform for communication. People can find new acquaintances, friends, or even couples there. And what can be better than a pleasant conversation with an intelligent interlocutor after a hard-working day? You can rest on a sofa and communicate with a random user. However, there are common things people lie about in online chats for dating. Here they are:

  • Weight

If a user is in the search of a soul mate or a beloved, then he/she tends to lie about his/her weight. Researches proved that usually, those women who use cam chats for dating do not tell their real parameters. So, be ready that your pretty interlocutor weights five or even ten kilos more.

  • Age

It is a common fact that usually, users do not say their real age. It’s a bit funny since it’s stupid to expect that an interlocutor will stop communication if your age is less or more than the one you said.

  • Marital status

If a man or a woman is looking for flirting or a lover, then they tend to hide the truth about their sweethearts. Another case when interlocutors do not say about families is precaution measures.

  • Personal preferences

Users think that it is necessary to find something common with an interlocutor and lie about their true hobbies or preferences. And that is bad. Because fruitful communication can be developed only if interlocutors are sincere and have something to discuss.

Why do users lie?

There are several reasons why interlocutors can hide the truth:

  • They are scammers;
  • He/she has a double life;
  • Precaution measures;
  • Too private topics;
  • The desire to look more mature, successful, or respectful.

Although this is statistics, remember that if you want to develop an enjoyable dialogue with a random user in an online video chat, just be yourself and do not be afraid of telling the truth. If your communication is full of lies, then you won’t be able to enjoy your pastime, and the time spent on a cam chat will be in vain.

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