A Real Story of Dating in a Random Video Chat

It is my real story. I was a student of a linguistic university. One day, my groupmates told me about random video chats for dating, where it was possible to communicate with foreigners. I thought it was a good idea since I needed speech practice.

I decided to pass the time communicating with a stranger in an online video chat. I clicked a random link in a search engine. I chose a video chat for dating foreigners as I had to enhance my language skills. There were different interlocutors. Most of them were quite polite, intelligent, and cheerful.

Maric was one of my interlocutors. Our acquaintance started quite banal. After self-introduction, he talked a little about himself, his occupation, hobbies. When it was my turn, I told that I was a student and needed some speech practice. He smiled and suggested being my tutor. It turned out that we had so many in common. We communicated the whole evening in the cam chat and I even didn’t notice how time passed. I think that Maric also didn’t want to lose me as his interlocutor or a soulmate. Thus, he suggested meeting in the chat the next day.

Day by day, we spent long winter evenings in the chat enjoying each other’s company. And after a month, Maric invited me on an online date. It was quite unusual for me but I agreed. He took his smartphone and connected to the cam chat in a park. It was a kind of remote walking. We used to arrange such online dates and walked along the streets. By the way, my English became better and better. I forgot about the language barrier and wasn’t afraid of speaking with my new friend. Or even more than a friend.

Our online dating lasted for 4 months and Maric suggested meeting in real life. I wasn’t ready to visit his country as it seemed to be dangerous and imprudent for me. And he decided to visit my country. It was the first time he came to Minsk. I showed him the city and described our history.

I understood that this person was not dangerous for me and one day, I would dare to visit him. So, we continue communication online and sometimes visited each other. After a year of such relations, he proposed to me. It was a real shock for me. I took the time to make a decision. I imagined that all this would disappear one day and understood that I didn’t want to lose it. So, I said “yes”. I graduated from the university and moved to Florida.

This is my story. I never even had a thought that a simple online cam chat for dating would change my life forever and would be a turning point. If someone would tell me that I found a beloved in an online chat for making acquaintances, I would never believe it. But this is life. So, never say never.

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