A list of things that men really need in a relationship

Knowing how to cook is certainly good, but not the key to success. We will tell you what your beloved man really needs, and following these tips you will be able to make your relationship much better.

To feel like a hero

A little boy, a defenseless kitten, a flower, if you want he’s had enough time with his mother, now he’s grown up and dreams of being strong.  Yes, it is normal for a man to be strong, even in spite of the need for whining, complaints about life, it hurts here, there is a fever of 36.9, save-help.  Believe me – these are exceptions, all the rest of the time a man needs to be sure that you admire him and tremble.  Because if you’re not fluttering, I’m sorry, why do you need to? So from time to time do not forget to inform your beloved that he is the smartest, bravest, stone wall, iron fist or any other epithets in which a man will believe.  Even if he knows that he is strong, what good is that when you doubt it?

A healthy relationship with no offense

He doesn’t close the toothpaste, he throws things around and never, ever washes the dishes behind him! And now, please, you’ve already managed to get offended, yell at him or even cry. First of all, no matter how absurd it sounds, most often a man does not understand what exactly you are offended and most likely thinks that you are angry, because he is all you have very unsuccessful. You can even get sick from knowing your inferiority. Secondly, men can’t bear tears on a physical level. Do not hurt your chosen one. And do not forget – the little things he overlooks, not because he decided to piss you off, but because the man, unlike a woman, is responsible for the global world, and to a small planet, which includes household problems, he just does not care. You have to agree, let him control the big one. You’ll feel safer.

Not to stay in the dark

All men are sure that every woman wants to marry, and if she does not want to marry him specifically – then she is going to marry another.  And so in everything – a man should know everything within his understanding, and even more. By the way, that doesn’t mean that you have to tell everything in spirit. Talk about what’s important, don’t hide your feelings, men are much better at imagining things than we are. Couples grow and become stronger, overcoming adversity together. Know that every time you do not say something, you build walls within the sacred space of relationships.

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