A few ways to pick up a man

Would you like to meet your true love or simply want to find a one-night stand? Sometimes it can be quite complicated to get along with a person you have never talked to before. Here are some ways which will help you if you are looking for something unusual.

Shift your focus to your interlocutor

Many dating attempts end in a fiasco, because the initiator desperately wants to make a good impression on his interlocutor. Show yourself in the output light to “earn” the interest of the person you like. Usually it leads to the opposite effect, because we behave unnaturally, trying to control our speech, movements and the course of conversation. A shift of focus will help to get rid of embarrassment. Instead of advertising yourself, let your interlocutor speak.  

In fact, all people – both extroverts and introverts – are very fond of talking about themselves (Harvard research shows that this gives us pleasure comparable to a delicious dinner or monetary reward). The fact that the story about ourselves helps us feel our own exclusivity, the interest of the interlocutor in our life. So if you want to please a stranger, ask him a question that concerns his activities, habits or attitudes. Creating a theme for the question will help us pay attention to details and the environment.

Ask for a service

Instead of “exposing yourself”, ask the man you like for a favor. This may be a very small favor. For example, “Can I ask you to keep an eye on my things while I order coffee? It won’t be difficult for a man to do this, but it will play into your hands. After all, after the person you talk to will do you a small favor, you will subconsciously seem more attractive to him than other women in the room.

What is it? This amazing psychological effect was discovered by the famous politician Benjamin Franklin, and subsequent scientific research of the second half of the XX century only confirmed its truth. Our brain is programmed in such a way that it is important for us to find explanations for all events, including our own actions. If the brain does not have enough information about what is happening, it automatically completes the necessary causal links. Why do you help this person? Because you like him,” says the brain.

Of course, this is a kind of manipulation. But it really works. So if you want to meet a man, just let him help you. As a result, you will definitely make him want to start talking to you.

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