A closet that attracts a decent man

“What should I wear?” – this question has not once or twice visited our women’s head when we stood by the closet, savoring the morning coffee. And if it was before the date, then the excitement was added to the thoughtfulness.

“What should I wear to make him appreciate my beautiful legs?”

“Isn’t this dress too short?”

“Heels or sneakers? A skirt or a pantsuit?”

And if the case did not end in shopping, it is quite likely that you chose a win-win option – everyone has it, right?

Only we girls look at fashion and style from our women’s bell tower, and men assess our clothes quite differently. And from here the question: how not to get in demand on a date? How to attract with your appearance a decent man, not a lover of easy affairs?

The fact that men and women, as if from different planets, speak from all sides. We perceive this world differently, think differently, and even our values are often different. How to unite these different worlds and how to learn to understand first myself and then my man, I tell in my social networks and at open seminars. Join us if the topic is relevant for you.

Today let’s look at one difference: how men see and perceive us depending on our closet.

A man perceives a woman as she presents herself. And now we are not even talking about clothes, but about the inner content and role that woman occupies.

Often, it is the role that determines the external manifestation of a woman: mistresses choose more open outfits, moms – conservative, teachers – strict and further.

Analyze your relationship and think about the role you occupy most often. Now look at your closet and think about whether it corresponds to this role or not.

In psychology, there is such a concept as “double message”. For example, a woman wants to be taken seriously, and her appearance, clothing and manner of presenting herself suggest that she needs a fleeting affair.

And so, after you have defined your most frequent role and compared this role with your own closet, conclude: do I send the wrong messages outside? Or do I only broadcast what I really want?

Be elegant.

Elegance is first of all a pleasant color scheme and a decent style.

There is no need for excessively open necklines or extremely short skirts, as well as avoid glitter when there are too many of them, and overshoot with draperies and textures, because it devalues your image. Also try to be diverse, and not use a single color.

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