7 Gestures you Should Never Use While Communicating on Cam Chats

Do you want to make new acquaintances or find a pleasant interlocutor in a cam chat? Then you should know that non-verbal communication plays a significant role. As you communicate by means of a video camera, an interlocutor can assess your movements, gestures, or poses. Thus, you should try to control not only speech but also your body (although it is practically impossible).

The below-mentioned gestures can push people away from you, even if you have nothing wrong with your intentions. They cause negative emotions at the subconscious level. Of course, it is better to avoid them.

  1. Aggressive and defensive positions of the hands: crossed on the chest, clenched into a fist, wound behind the back, fingers constantly moving back and forth, etc. – these gestures demonstrate to an interlocutor that you want to either dominate him/her or isolate yourself. In any case, it means that your partner is not pleasant to you.
  2. Leaning back on the back of the chair denotes that you try to keep distance with your interlocutor in a video chat room. This is the gesture of self-isolation, the demonstration of lack of interest.
  3. Movements during a conversation, doing extraneous affairs while your interlocutor is telling you something (for example, collecting things or putting things in order on the table, trifling objects in the hands, etc.) – this is nothing more than the demonstration of impatience and a non-verbal message to a partner: “Well, let’s finish already, I’m not interested in all this.” It is unlikely that someone will like such an attitude.
  4. If your partner in a random chat for online dating sits on the edge of a chair, cleans clothes, pulls things off, looks at his/her watch, it means that he/she is afraid you an interlocutor, feels submitted or does not feel comfortable.
  5. Laughing, smirking, panting and even sometimes smacking mean aggression and rudeness. All these sounds suppress a user.
  6. If in a cam chat, you communicate with a person who looks over the glasses, squint, put his/her head too high or screw up his//her eyes, all these are gestures of arrogance. Such behavior usually reminds people of a strict boss or a warder.
  7. If someone does not look at you at all or stares without taking his/her eyes off, it serves as a sign of neglecting or suppression.

If you want to draw interlocutors and develop a pleasant conversation on a random video chat, it is recommended acting naturally and being yourself. This is the main key to successful online dating.

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